Expand upon your suture and dissection techniques with our comprehensive and interactive labs designed to cater to the needs of beginners as well as advanced students.

Those interested in becoming more familiar with the anatomy of the human body may be interested in our Suture and Anatomy Labs here at SERF. We strive to offer students and community members an insight into how the body works and the anatomic features that make it the complex system that it is. Whether you are a student looking to gain a bit more experience or someone who simply would like to learn more, we offer introductory labs geared toward understanding the excitement of the human body. All labs will begin with a presentation to get you acclimated to the body and will conclude with a cadaveric dissection in our anatomy lab.

We also offer courses to fine-tune your suturing skills. These labs act in a series and will begin with rudimentary techniques including necessary tools and the basics of thread, transitioning to intermediate and advanced stitching. These labs provide you with personal guidance to ensure you leave feeling confident in your suturing ability.

Those interested in registering for either lab, please contact us