Recognized as one of the most prominent pre-medical positions, this program provides opportunities to experience medicine like never before as an undergraduate student.

In 2009, MedAdvance was founded as a pre-professional program based out of the Scientific Education and Research Institute in Thornton, CO. The program was originally developed to help undergraduate pre-health students to gain experiences necessary for admission to professional school.

Since then, MedAdvance has continued to progress. It is now an organization that takes pride in developing not only tangible skills sets and book knowledge for its members, but also fostering the “intangibles”. MedAdvance places priority on educating its members in ways which are imperative to success in all future endeavors and skills which cannot be obtained in a classroom. Members leave the program competent in professionalism, public speaking, leadership, teamwork, and much more.

MedAdvance affords many medical and scientific opportunities for its members. Members are given full access to the bioskills and cadaver lab housed in the facility. They also have access to numerous physician education courses, clinical research, and professional events. As members, students have the opportunity to learn about medical education and how a scientific research facility operates.

The MedAdvance program is a yearlong experience where students are able to develop both personally and professionally using resources that are unique to both MedAdvance and SERF.

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The MedAdvance 2015-2016 application is now open!

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  • Access to bioskills and cadaver lab
  • Exposure to Clinical Research
  • Discounted Kaplan Courses
  • Volunteering at a medical education facility
  • Skills Development and Workshops (IV access, CPR, Suturing, etc.)
  • Opportunities for clinical experience
  • Mentorship
  • Letters of recommendation from various professionals
  • Close proximity to surgery center and medical clinic
  • Business and accounting experience
  • Leadership and teamwork opportunities
  • Facilitating summer science camp programs and activities
  • Potential for future paid internship or employment opportunity
  • Planning outreach and community education events

Program Requirements

  • Minimum of 3.25 cumulative GPA
  • Ability to attend all general meetings Thursday nights 6pm (Dates TBA)
  • Ability to attend annual Leadership Conference in January (Dates TBA)
  • Complete minimum of 6 hours a month of general interning
  • Attend at least 5 Physician Education Courses a year
  • Attend at least one Summer Science Camp

Application Requirements

  • Completed Application packet
  • Letters of recommendation (One required second is optional)
  • Current transcript
  • Photo of yourself (professional please)
  • Completed Interview (Scheduled upon review of your completed application materials)

Application and Admission Timeline

  • August 2014 — Application for 2015-2016 Opens
  • August to October 2014 — applications are accepted on a rolling admission basis. (Due October 31st, 2014)
  • September to November — Interviews are granted and held for applicants who are selected to continue the application process
  • December 1st — all interviewed applicants will be notified of their acceptance status
  • Late January — Leadership Conference and Retreat (Date TBA) and commencement of the program

Letter(s) of Recommendation

You must include at least one letter of recommendation. A second letter is optional. Both must be from individuals who know you professionally/academically. Please do not submit letters that are from personal acquaintances. If the letter is from a personal acquaintance that must be disclosed in the letter. Letters should be delivered in a sealed envelope with the application.

Letters should include the following biographical information:

  • Name of organization or program affiliated with the recommender
  • Name and Title of the Recommender
  • Contact information for Recommender including phone and email

Letters should address the following:

  • Dates and length of time spent with the applicant
  • Capacity in which the recommender and applicant are affiliated
  • The content should include specific examples that demonstrate the integrity of the applicant relative to others