SERF is committed to providing education at an affordable cost to students who desire to attend Summer Science Camps. Therefore, we will be offering financial aid in the form of need based scholarships for qualified attendants to the 2021 Summer Science Camps. Instructions for how to apply can be found below.

Scholarship Instructions

This year’s scholarship applicants must submit a request to SERF that addresses why they believe they should be considered for a scholarship. The format of the submission is up to the student, and we encourage creativity. They may write a letter or essay, send in a video, bring us a poster, etc., but it must clearly tell us why they deserve a scholarship for camp. Some ideas might be to talk about your future career interests and how this will help reach your goals, why you love science, how previous camps have impacted you, what your education goals are, etc.

The second part of the application is a letter from the guardians of the students which should address the following:

  • The amount of financial aid requested
  • Why sending your child to Summer Science Camps is important to you
  • Any other circumstances you feel are applicable to share, i.e. you have more than one student attending camps, etc.

Submissions for scholarships are due no later than May 15th at midnight. Both components of the scholarship must be submitted to be considered for a scholarship.

Other Scholarship Details

All scholarships will be awarded by June 1st. Scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis meaning that you may receive an award prior to June 1st. This also means that all scholarship funds may be taken by June 1st since there are a limited number of funds. Thus it behooves you to submit an application early.

For questions please contact us