Alex Jung
Alex is a Junior majoring in Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University. She currently works as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Physical Activity Energetics/Mechanics Laboratory studying musculoskeletal biomechanics. She has a strong interest in neurology and orthopedics, and aspires to attend medical school in the near future. In her free time she enjoys traveling, snowboarding, and exploring the outdoors with friends and family.

Allie Morgan
Allie is a Junior at the University of Colorado studying Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology. She is passionate about global health and strives to promote health equity in rural and impoverished regions around the world. Outside of school, Allie loves to run, hike, and work the horses at a therapeutic riding center in Boulder.

Emily Glick
Emily Glick is a freshman at the University of Colorado Boulder majoring in Speech, Language, and Hearing Science and is working to fulfill her Occupational Therapy prerequisites. Right now, she is interested in becoming an Occupational Therapist who works with kids who have Autism, or with people recovering from traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. Emily has recently started working as a caregiver for a 97 year old man in Boulder, who she adores hanging out with. When not spending time with her new pal, she loves finding new coffee shops to visit around town and spending time in the Colorado mountains hiking and camping.

Erin Radtke
Erin Radtke is currently a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Integrative Physiology. At CU Boulder she is part of the Pre-health Honor Society, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and is a teaching assistant for Human Physiology. When she is not busy with school, she loves to be outdoors and spend time with her family and friends. When she can make it home, she enjoys riding her horses with her Dad. She enjoys hiking, running, yoga and backpacking. Erin has a passion for helping others and after graduating, she plans to take a year off and travel before attending Physician Assistant School, hoping to become a PA in surgery.

Isabel Randolph
Isabel graduated from the University of Colorado after attaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering. She currently aspires to attend medical school and was accepted to join the Biomedical Sciences M.S. program at Regis University beginning in the fall of 2015. She works as a medical assistant for an ear, nose and throat specialist in Boulder and in her free time, she enjoys cooking and baking for family and friends.

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</strong>Karli Nash is in the process of completing her Bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition at Colorado State University. She is passionate about nutrition and how a healthy diet can aid in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. She hopes to one day make the community healthier and happier through a career as a Physician Assistant. Outside the classroom, Karli has held several leadership and mentor positions through organizations on campus. She loves giving back to others and having a positive impact on the community. In her free time, Karli enjoys exercising, getting outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.

[/fivecol_four_last][hr][fivecol_one]<a href=””><img class=”alignnone wp-image-8316 size-medium” src=”×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”200″ height=”300″ /></a> [/fivecol_one] [fivecol_four_last]<strong>Kaylee Stephenson

</strong>Kaylee Stephenson is a junior at the University of Colorado in Boulder studying Integrative Physiology. Her hopes are to go on to medical school to become a plastic/reconstructive surgeon. At CU, Kaylee is an active member of AED, a National Health Preprofessional Honor Society, and she is also a co-director for Camp Kesem—a non-profit organization designed to help children through and beyond their parent’s cancer. In her free time, Kaylee enjoys working on her skills in makeup artistry. She is a certified makeup artist at Sephora and absolutely loves her job. Kaylee also enjoys spending time with her family, friends and boyfriend and considers it a blessing when she has time to spend with them.

[/fivecol_four_last][hr][fivecol_one]<a href=””><img class=”alignnone wp-image-8317 size-medium” src=”×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”200″ height=”300″ /></a> [/fivecol_one] [fivecol_four_last]<strong>Mallory Martin

</strong>Mallory Martin is a first year student at University of Colorado. She is majoring in Integrative Physiology and hopes to someday practice medicine in a developing country. Between receiving her A.S. and starting at the University of Colorado, Mallory spent nine months volunteering at a medical clinic in Haiti. Mallory enjoys staying active by volunteering in her community, spending time with her many siblings, learning how to ski, blogging when she gets the chance, and preparing to change the world.

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</strong>Nemanja is currently a junior majoring in Psychology at the University of Colorado Denver. He works as both a learning assistant and a teaching assistant at UCD and would like to continue working as a medical scribe in HealthOne Emergency Departments as well. Prior to applying to medical school, Nemanja is interested in gaining learned experience and attaining the professional and personal growth required for those that aspire to work in healthcare. Although he is fascinated by neurology and the nervous system in general, he is currently unsure about what field of medicine he would like to commit to, and he hopes that exposure to medical professionals from various fields will help him make that decision. While not studying for classes or for the MCAT, he particularly enjoys spending time with his family or going hiking/camping with friends.

[/fivecol_four_last][hr][fivecol_one]<a href=””><img class=”alignnone wp-image-8319 size-medium” src=”×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”200″ height=”300″ /></a> [/fivecol_one] [fivecol_four_last]<strong>Nicole Sandberg

</strong>Nicole is a junior at the University of Colorado at Boulder, studying biochemistry and working on her honors thesis. For a couple years after her undergraduate career, she plans to travel abroad with the Public Health Corps, and then she dreams of one day earning her MD and becoming a surgeon. She loves public health and advocating for marginalized populations, and hopes to help those without access to healthcare in a meaningful and sustainable way. Nicole loves her younger sister and especially loves her younger sister’s dog. She also loves hiking, camping, advocating for human rights, and petting cats.

[/fivecol_four_last][hr][fivecol_one]<a href=””><img class=”alignnone wp-image-8320 size-medium” src=”×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”200″ height=”300″ /></a> [/fivecol_one] [fivecol_four_last]<strong>Phoebe Szeton

</strong>Phoebe is a senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and is set to complete a bachelor’s degree in Integrative Physiology by December 2015. She has her sights on PA school after graduation, but will spend some time abroad — indulging her inner travel bug — before beginning the application process. In the moments she manages to sneak away from the library for a study break, Phoebe enjoys eating at new foodie places and brunching in Boulder, as well as working up a sweat at the gym in attempt to break even on all the calories. She has a passion for blue skies, warm sunshine, healing, healthcare, and golden retrievers.

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</strong>Samantha is currently a junior at Colorado State University majoring in Biology and minoring in biomedical sciences.  One day, she hopes to attend medical school in pursuits of becoming an oncologist. At the University, she is an Honors Undergraduate Research Scholar working in a molecular biology and developmental genetics research lab studying the heart of Zebrafish, is the president of the B.A.B.Y. Rams, a club dedicated to fundraising money for under-insured families with children who have various health-related challenges, and is in the Honors Program.  In her free time, she loves spending time outdoors in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. This includes riding her horse, barrel racing, hiking, fishing, camping, and skiing. She also enjoys traveling, scuba diving, and spending time with her friends and family.

[/fivecol_four_last][hr][fivecol_one]<a href=””><img class=”alignnone wp-image-8322 size-medium” src=”×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”200″ height=”300″ /></a> [/fivecol_one] [fivecol_four_last]<strong>Tyler Fair

</strong>Tyler Fair is in his second year at the University of Colorado at Boulder studying Neuroscience. He enjoys furthering the movement for global health equity in several aspects of his life. Outside of school and MedAdvance, you can find Tyler singing a cappella.

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</strong>Tyler is currently a junior at the University of Denver, pursuing majors in Biology and Psychology with minors in Chemistry and Medical Physics. He has always had an interest in the health care professions, and plans on applying to medical school at the end of his next academic year. He hopes to get involved in the fields of neurology or psychiatry, helping the mentally ill lead better, longer, and more fulfilling lives. When he is not doing schoolwork, Tyler enjoys spending his time coaching youth soccer, playing soccer and volleyball, and spending time with friends and loved ones. He also harbors a healthy obsession with penguins (because they’re the best).

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</strong>Wesley is a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder majoring in psychology with a certificate in neuroscience. After having spent his entire childhood as a patient in the Children’s Hospital, Wesley has developed a passion for the medical field where he hopes to work as a pediatric physician. He plans to attend medical school following his undergraduate degree. In his free time, Wesley enjoys playing sports like football and basketball, breakdancing, eating, and spending time with friends and family.